Chair Massage - great for events or a quick pick me up in your office or ours.


Couple Massage - have a massage with a friend or significant other it's a great bonding experience 

Sports Massage - This energy boosting massage is performed pre or post workout. It includes stretching and speeds up recovery time between strenuous workouts.

Hot Stone Massage - Smooth heated stones are applied to tired, sore muscles softening and warming the tissue for easy relaxation

Swedish Massage - Relaxation massage used to relieve stress and muscle tension with long light to medium soothing strokes

Deep Tissue - A deep pressure massage that help break up tension, adhesions, and trigger points of pain in the muscle.

Prenatal Massage - Relieves many discomforts experienced with pregnancy, a wonderful complementary choice for prenatal care

Gentle fingers - An extremely soft touch that causes deep relaxation.